A new conversation. A new way of life.
All of your home, effortlessly and seamlessly connected by innovations made for the modern life.



Face recognition technology at your lift lobby allows seamless and secured access back home

All-Seeing Doorbell

Even when you are not at home, you can always see who’s at the door

Fire Safety

Smoke detectors provide real-time information to the guard house as well as instant alerts to residents and emergency services

A Watchful Eye

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) IP Camera with Audio & Video function to monitor your children and pets anytime

Anytime, Anywhere

Use your smart device to check if you have securely locked your door



1. Ultrasonic fruit and vegetable cleaning removes up to 99.99% of chemicals
2. High temperature washing & sterilization of soiled dishes
3. >Water saving, time saving and energy saving

Water Purifier#

Enjoy crystal clear purified alkaline water for better health



1. 5 ticks energy efficiency aircon system Heat Recovery System (Utilisation of waste heat from aircon condensing unit) to heat up the water tank for your shower
2. Save up to 35% on electricity bills
3. Cleaner air with PM2.5 dust collection filter

Pre-cooling Mode

Set your preferred room temperature even before you arrive back home


We Organize, You Party

Make every celebration a success by selecting from our list of party and event planners

Your Food, Your Way

Choose your favourite dishes from a list of caterers, pay for them and have it delivered to you all through the app

Learn New Skills

Learn to swim, take a cooking class or pick up a new hobby from certified instructors

Keep Fit, Stay Active

Take your pick from Zumba, Yoga, Pilates or dance classes for a healthier lifestyle

Hassle Free, Home Help

From house cleaning and choked pipes to aircon maintenance, choose from a curated list of services at your fingertips

24/7 Facility Booking

Select and book your preferred facility whenever, wherever

Unlimited Privileges

Exclusive deals and promotions


Payment Made Easy

Pay your maintenance fees through the app

Virtual Doorman

Lock and unlock your doors remotely

Face-To-Face Greetings

Welcome your guests through the lift lobby’s video intercom system

Wash Bay

Narrowband-Internet of Things (NB-IoT) enabled sensors allow real-time checks on availability of the car wash bays

Voice Control

Control your appliances at home with voice commands including your entertainment systems, aircon, curtains and lightings

Parcel Station

Securely receive your parcels even when you are away and conveniently retrieve them by scanning your QR code

VIP Access

Give your guests the VIP treatment. With one click of the app, the guards will be informed instantly of your guests’ arrival, making visits from friends and relatives hassle-free and easy


Sleep Smart

With the smart sleep sensor, ensure a better health regimen by monitoring and analysing your sleep patterns (optional)

Simple Control

Customized SMART Control Panel that allows easier access for elderly with simpler interface

In The Pink Of Health

Health monitoring service for residents

Tender Loving Care

Engage childcare, medical and caregiver services in the comfort of your home

*Applicable to master bedroom only.
#Applicable to selected unit types only.
*This is just an illustration of Smart Living that Qingjian can offer.
It is not referring to any specific project. Kindly refer to our project microsites for more information.